The Gift of Empty

DSN9118-2-MWhat are the favorite gifts you’ve ever received?

Thoughts probably go back to a magical Christmas morning, or a favorite birthday; or maybe a time when you received something unexpected for no reason at all. Maybe you remember the gift because of the special occasion it was given on, or maybe the thoughtfulness involved, or because it was given by a very special person.

What makes a gift special? Is it the actual gift, the occasion, the giver, or something I haven’t even mentioned? Maybe it was the situation you were in; the circumstances surrounding the gift. What is it that makes a gift special or memorable, or the greatest gift ever?

Can you imagine receiving a gift you weren’t expecting; full of expectation and anticipation you open it and… SURPRISE! The gift is empty! Would you consider that the greatest gift ever?

The greatest gift I have ever received was an empty tomb.

Jesus, come back soon, I’m looking forward to more empty tombs.

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