The LeadersBridge Team

We have assembled a fantastic team of tremendous talent that is available for your professional team building, leadership and keynote needs. This page will be updated with more information, pictures, and links as soon as they are available so we advise you check back often.

Meet the Team…

Connie Timpson- Team building and personal coach expert. Author of the book, “You Are Extraordinary”. Her background as an award-winning journalist, and long-time consultant and trainer, gives her insight on how to coach individuals on how to make convincing presentations or write and present a speech that has real substance and impact. You can see more about Connie at

Fred Miller- presentation coach extraordinaire and author of the book, “No Sweat Public Speaking”. Fred is an expert at presentation skills and mind-mapping. He is a serial entrepreneur and his video blog is updated regular with practical help in making your next presentation, ‘no sweat’. Check him out at

Ross Blake- senior level trainer, speaker and coach with expertise in how to give performance feedback. His book, “How to give Employee Performance Feedback”‘ is groundbreaking and fundamental to good leadership skills within any organization. You can learn more about Ross at

Kim Wuertz- author, editor, publisher and expert in writing skills. She offers workshops that will help professionals hone their writing and written communication skills. Kim is the author of the ‘Mimosa Lake’ book series as well as two children’s books. She appears regularly on radio shows and in writing workshops. Please find out more about Kim at–STORY.html