The Leadership Sidestep

DSN9158-2-LI asked the gentleman if he had been busy lately. He made a questioning face, gave some thought, and replied, “No, not really.”

From the visual cues I knew there was more to the story and continued to probe, “Wow, that was an interesting response; not exactly sure what you meant.”

He went onto explain that he was the head of a team working on a specific project. He had been given charge of the team, picked out the team members and carefully explained the responsibilities and desired outcome.

Shortly after the work began several members of the team sat down with him for a progress report. At the meeting the team members asked him to “get out of the way”. They would appreciate his input; overseeing the overall work and direction, but could he please back off actual involvement. He was slowing down the team.

“Since that meeting, I haven’t been very busy. It’s a little troubling…”

He had been given a responsibility. He planned well. He chose well. He motivated well. The next thing he could do well was not impede the team.

Great leaders know when to step out of the way.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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