The Order of Things…

DSN9118-2-MThis past week I attended the funeral of a friend. It was great to hear many stories about this woman and her legacy. It was also nice to see family and friends gathered from so many places to show their love and support. The church was packed to standing room only.

Also, past week has been busy as we’ve finally cleaned out my dad’s house. He passed away last November and it’s been a slow process going through his and my mom’s belongings and getting the house empty so that repairs can be made and it put on the market. This week it was hauling things to their new locations.

I also had a birthday. In reality I was only a day older, but it is celebrated as a year. It seemed like more.

The death of a friend, the closing and final removal of a lifetime of accumulation, the passing of another year.

The Bible says that a life is like a vapor, a mist, a blade of grass…

I was reading in the book of Numbers how the people of Israel were to break camp, move and then set up camp. There are lots of interesting details, but one thing I noticed – as they were to set out there was a definite order. And one reason for the order was so that as they came to make camp the tabernacle would arrive in time to set up the tent before the temple furnishings arrived. When the ‘holy things’ arrived, the tent was ready for them to be put in place.

Jesus went ahead of us, he said, to prepare a place for us. What great order has God’s plan. What tremendous blessing in searching it out; seeking it first.

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