The Origin of a Legacy

DSN9158-2-LLast week I spent some time with cousins discussing our family tree. We’ve got quite a bit of material and it was fun to compare notes and talk of distant relatives and family history. After our discussion I began making a chart.

I placed a box at the top for my great-great-great-great-great grandparents. I placed some boxes below and put the names of their children and spouses in the boxes. Then on to another row of boxes. My paper was laid out landscape style and I was already out of room.

You may think this has to do with heritage or genealogies; perhaps some magnificent revelation or discovery. None of that happened. Truth is I already know too much about my family history. If you know my family you know what I mean.

But as I looked at the boxes that were all descending from the top one, I realized something I hadn’t planned on.

Bible verses are like that; they have offspring. Sometimes a verse leads me to another verse. Other times a verse leads me to a thought. Sometimes a verse leads me to paradoxical understandings within itself. A verse leads to a verse that leads to another and so on. A verse leads to a thought to another thought to another verse, and so on. A verse brings an understanding and then another look at the same verse brings a differing understanding, and so on.

I guess that is the power of inspiration. I wish I could trace the lineage of verses I know well, of the ones becoming familiar; and those yet to be discovered.

I also pray those verses will produce a legacy in me. May the Word of God be at the top of my lifestyle genealogy.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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