The “See Through” Gospel

DSN9118-2-MI was wondering about the effectiveness of Christians. Seems like if we were more joyful in our dispositions and more loving in our actions then the world would be much more interested n listening to us; and our message would be much more successful.

In Numbers 33 it says that “on the day after Passover the people of Israel went out triumphantly.” Easter, I prefer Resurrection Sunday, is our Passover. As a result of the resurrection of Jesus we have been delivered from death to life. We should be going out triumphantly. It should be easy to tell the people of the resurrection, we should be different from everyone else. Jesus’ triumph is ours and that makes all the difference.

When the people of Israel left Egypt they wound up in the wilderness and we all know the problems they faced and the destruction they caused. They lived between the promise and the fulfillment. That’s where we are. Through the resurrection of Jesus God has promised that there is a Kingdom coming and we are the inheritors. The promise has been made; we are waiting for the promise to be fulfilled.

The people of Israel left Egypt with a promise of a land of their own. But the trip there was difficult. God had made a promise; the people were to trust him. They had been released from slavery and were headed to the Promised Land. But along the way they got distracted from the promise by their own selfishness.

We live between the promise and the fulfillment. We are in the wilderness. Are we trusting the promise, or selfishly looking at our circumstances? We have been given a promise and the deliverance is a sure thing, but are we, do I live like it?

Hebrews 12 says that Jesus endured the cross because of the joy set before him. He could see past the suffering to the resurrection. The cross had a window in the middle. The pain and suffering were there, but no one could take away the joy that would come. He had “see through” good news. He gave us a “see through” gospel.

While in the wilderness I need to concentrate on the “see through” gospel. The wilderness is not the Kingdom, but I am heading to the Kingdom. This wilderness is the time for me to go out “triumphantly” seeing through this life to the promise of the Kingdom.

Anticipation is what the “see through” gospel is all about. Speaking of Jesus, Hebrews says “who for the joy set before him…” May I always see the joy set before me.

May God richly bless your Resurrection Sunday.


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