The Truth Came First…

DSN9118-2-MI learned something great this week. It is valuable information that so simple, and I am sure I already believed it, but it still visited as a revelation.

I am working with a small group of fantastic men that will be doing some mentoring for a local school. It is a great opportunity and I am looking forward to learning as much as (if not more) than sharing. As we prepared we discussed the opportunity and the curriculum we will be using. The group is from our Church and we were a little worried about the material since it is faith-based.

One of the members of the group made a fantastic statement that I latched onto. It was something like, “Truth isn’t truth just because it is in God’s Word, but the truth is the truth and we know because it is in God’s Word.” The truth existed first and continues to be the truth whether it is recorded or not. When God’s Word speaks it is the truth, but the truth came first.

It may not seem like much but it helps explain that secular realms can have the truth without acknowledging its source. God created the heavens and the earth before it was recorded. It isn’t true because it was recorded, but rather it was recorded because it is true. The same is true for love.

I remember reading a book that contained a story of an angel watching a perfect ballerina perform. She had tremendous talent and was gifted in her performing skill. The angel was confused knowing that such talent comes from God, but the ballerina gave no glory or thanks to God, but rather denied His very existence.

The angel was told that the gift and talent comes directly from God; that is true. But that fact remains to be true whether the person acknowledges the fact or not. The fact that the ballerina denied God’s existence did not make the truth any less the truth. God was still responsible for her skill.

The truth is inevitable. So is God, denied or not. Praise God for the gift of enduring truth.

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