0814150953aI love the zoo. I don’t go as often as I would like, but when I do I am always amazed. And it isn’t just the animals, but the creative displays in which the animals live.

In St. Louis we have a fantastic zoo. The habitats of Big Cat Country, River’s Edge, Jungle of the Apes, Sea Lion Cove and many others give a great view of the beautiful animals. But I also marvel at the ingenuity and creativity of the designers and the talent of the builders to come up with such amazing venues. And the landscaping matches the creativity of the architects’ design.

It can be tragic to race from one animal habitat to another and not recognize the inanimate objects that add to the awesome experience of the zoo.

Even a simulated hollowed out log provides near the elephants provides refuge for other wild animals that might come to visit.

Exodus 35 tells of God filling people with skill, intelligence, knowledge, and craftsmanship so that they could build the tabernacle according to God’s design and desire. God still uses people to provide insight and wonder into the one who originated all creativity.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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