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DSN9118-2-MI thought about a statement I have made a couple of times recently. I have told several people, “I am not a theologian. I really don’t know much theology and don’t enjoy debating it.” I’ll admit I do enjoy a nice word rumble once in a while, but the older I get the less I like a verbal tête-à-tête.

So, I thought about the people I know, and words like theology. Here is what I am coming to…a search for words to describe my situation, my thinking. I guess I’ll make up a couple. “Theology” is fine, the study of God. But that really isn’t where I am. I thought about “Theography” but ‘graphy’ means to describe or give characteristics. Sounds kind of like what you do after you’ve done the study. So I think I am into “Theoscience.” That would be the knowledge of God. I don’t want to study or describe God as much as I really want to know Him. Maybe that takes the other two, but it also takes an experience with Him. That’s my aim in every situation, to experience Him.

I have a lot of acquaintances. I know about them, I can even describe them. I have other intimate friends that I know and can tell you about from my experience. I want my story concerning God, my testimony, not to be just description from study, but from the experience I have of knowing Him.

“Logy,” “graphy,” “science”… What’s the right suffix for experiencing?

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