Thinking Habits

DSN9118-2-MI have had a lot of things recommended to me. I think it is natural when you have had a good experience to recommend that situation that was pleasurable to others. It is normal to recommend, restaurants, foods, books, places, people, events… the list could go on. Every good experience can become a recommendation to others.

Philippians 4:8 says we are to think about things that are commendable. I don’ think the author is saying we should think about things that have been recommended to us by our friends and associates. But what is commendable; what is recommended for us to gather our thoughts around? What did the author of Philippians mean when he advised us?

Commendable things I should focus upon…. hmmm… serious thinking… So I must decide commendable versus non-commendable… Virtue versus valueless… It’s much more than restaurants, books and movies… it is the thinking that determines my destiny.

Would I commend to others what I am thinking about? Some changes might need to be made.

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