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DSN9118-2-MWhat a week…

Monday I went to my dad’s to get him up, dressed and feed him breakfast. He was in such a weakened state we called the paramedics and took him to the emergency room. He was treated for dehydration and sent home.

On Tuesday, my sister went to care for him and found him as I had, but this time for different reasons. Back to the hospital. This time the situation was more grave. He had a severe urinary tract infection which had become septic and there was little to do but keep him comfortable. The next day he had progressed and has continued to progress, even though it is very slowly. The majority of our time has been spent in the hospital.

We now have to consider rehab facilities and really don’t know what the future will hold. We face each situation day by day and try not to speculate on all we don’t know or can foresee.

I was reading in Psalms 119 and came to verse 140… ‘Your promise is well tried and your servant loves it.’

I don’t know how people without an abiding faith in the Kingdom of God face situations like we have the past week. I know people believe everything from God has never existed to He existed but is no longer. Some would say He exists but no longer cares and some would be more ambivalent and say maybe He does, maybe He doesn’t…

A deep abiding faith in the Kingdom of God isn’t just a simple belief against or without fact(s). As the Psalmist, the Biblical authors, and believers ever since have proclaimed, “This works!”

I guess my question isn’t just how would someone without faith face these situations, but rather, why would they?

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