Two-Part Song

DSN9158-2-LIt was adorable… My son would sing out, “I would like to buy a tiger,” and my almost three year old grand-daughter would sing back from wherever she happened to be, “If I knew that he was tame.”

My son would echo, “I would like to buy a tiger.” And the little voice, in rhythm, would respond, “And call him by his tiger name.”

It didn’t matter what they were doing, or where the other one was, all he had to do was sing out and she would answer. She might be across a table, sitting on the sofas with him, or in another room, but it was as if everything else stopped for them to have this merriment in song. Adorable and touching.

People under the leadership of another usually know them pretty well. They watch them operate, they are under their influence; they reap the tasks of the decisions. The leaders is visible and all eyes are upon them. This carries tremendous importance for several reason.

But there is something else that should be obvious, but is too often oblivious.

The leader leads and followers follow. Oh, if it were that simple. But the simple truth is the leader needs to know as they are known. The great leader will know who is following, and get to know them. The leader needs not to know as much how motivation works; but they need to know their people well enough to know what motivates them.

Great leadership is a two part-song

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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