Two Priorities

I was reminded of a story… A man was traveling through the jungle when he aroused a sleeping lion. The man begins running, but the lion rises and pursues. The lion is steadily gaining and the man realized there is now way to outrun the lion, He quickly drops to his knees and prays, “Lord, I don’t want to die, please make this lion a Christian lion.”

The lion quickly approaches but before he pounces he stops, looks at the man, then stares up to heaven and says, “Lord, please make me grateful the food I am about to receive.”

DSN9118-2-MI was checking out Facebook correspondence and saw a conversation that disturbed me. It was an argument involving several Christians in which the debate had become heated enough that there was accusations against others that they were not saved. I won’t go into it, but I was disheartened by the way these Christians were treating each other.

Why is it that we, as Christians, sometimes bite and devour one another?

Jesus prays for two things concerning us when his death was imminent; that the world would know we are his by our love and that they would be convinced of our message by our unity.

If my words or actions do not promote love and unity I am not an answer to Jesus’ prayer. Somehow it missed me.

Here is what I believe in my heart of hearts… Jesus died and God raised him from the dead; Jesus is Lord. If you can agree to that, then despite any other idiosyncrasies that we may disagree on, you’re okay with me.

I have a high-powered doctrine gun. And many of my beliefs are unorthodox. But my duty is to love and encourage. I would rather be killed loving than die fighting.

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