Unwrapping the Gift of Years

DSN9118-2-MIt is near the end of the year and I feel old and very blessed.

Early in December we celebrated my grand-daughter’s 9th birthday. We were at a mall and I took our 18 month old granddaughter for a walk. One of my family took a picture of us as we were walking away. I look old. My shoulders are rounded and I’m starting to slump forward.

This past year my body has started to turn against me; the aches and pains have gotten worse and I had to have neck surgery. Above the neck I find myself at a loss – losing my hair, my teeth, my hearing, and my eyesight. I haven’t lost my mind but I do tend to misplace it more often than I used to.

On the other hand I look at my wonderful wife. She continues to grow more beautiful in form, character and spirit every passing day; so the years are remarkable!

We will celebrate or 39th anniversary in 2014. She has given me the gift of her youthful passion and exuberance. She has shared her stability, compassion and grace. She offers a tremendous wisdom and perspective I can’t live without.

I have many blessings to count as the end of the year comes, but I’m most grateful for one thing, two ways; the gift of years. One – I came to know Jesus as a teenager, I treasure the years I have had with Him. I came to love Shirley as a teenager, I treasure the years I have had with her.

I’m getting older, Jesus and Shirley are getting better. I treasure the memories looking forward to unwrapping more years.

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