Victorious Secret

DSN9118-2-MVictoria’s Secret sells intimate apparel. I want to get intimate, but not about what you’re wearing, but about what’s inside.

If God were going to hide something, where would He hide it? If God had a mystery he wanted us to solve, how would he reveal it? Sometimes I feel like the Christian life is a divine game of hide and seek.

The book of Colossians, chapter one, verse 27 gives us a glimpse. The mystery being revealed is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

I think Christianity has tried to put the mystery in other places. Every denomination thinks the mystery, the secret, is locked up within their headquarters under the disguise of their particular doctrine or theology. Each sees themselves as the keeper of the truth, when in reality aren’t they all just franchises?

The mystery being revealed is Christ in the individual. Discovering him there, cultivating his character, nurturing his spirit, living the responsibility.

I see myself differently. I see others differently. Each better, for Christ is there, the hope of glory.

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