What Was David Building?

DSN9118-2-MA couple of years ago my wife and I received a couple Adirondack chairs. They weren’t expensive but would make a nice addition to our back yard. Since the wood was soft pine we decided they needed to be disassembled, primed and painted. So, with good intentions we took them apart and bought the necessary paint and supplies.

This week we got the pieces out and painted them. The problem was putting them back together. Each chair had about 30 parts, along with a myriad of screws in three different sizes and quite a few bolts, washers and nuts that also came in different sizes. How do the chairs go together; which screws and bolts go where?

I downloaded a picture from the internet that closely resembled our chairs and was able to complete assembly of both chairs in about 3 hours. I didn’t mind the challenge and I kind of enjoy puzzles. I conquered.

In Proverbs 3 it says that God created the world with wisdom, understanding and knowledge. It is a tremendously humbling revelation to be stumped for a while by a thirty piece puzzle and then consider the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of God to create each part of the universe.

I wonder David’s circumstances that caused him to write Psalm 8.

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