What’s In A Name?

DSN9118-2-MLast week Shirley and I traveled across the state to speak at a Church conference. It was a wonderful weekend, with a gracious Church as host and a wonderful family that put us up for the weekend.

As we traveled across the state I began noticing all the Churches along the way. And then I started paying attention to the names. So many, many Churches and so many names.

Many seemed to have the traditional type of names. “First Church of (insert the name of the town). Other were traditional congregations with traditional names; First (insert name of denomination) Church of (insert name of town).

Others had the moniker of a name attached to them. The most popular names being, in no specific order – Peter, Paul, Stephen, Timothy, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Joseph, Mary, Phillip, and a specific Mary (Magdalene), and of course, God and Jesus.

There were Country Side, Country Way, Country View and, accordingly, City, City Wide, City View; even a City Lights. Some had ‘Bible’ in their name; like Bible Way, Bible Truth, Bible Assembly, and not to be outdone – Open Bible.

Then there were the more creative names; Epic, Journey, Cowboy, Way, Kingdom, Victory, Harvest, Enjoy, Injoy, Celebration; I wish we would have written them down.

There were also ‘virtue’ churches. These carried names like, peace, mercy, grace, faith, etc.

My first thought was, “With so many churches across the state, why do I see so little difference…”

I reversed back to thinking about church names. I thought to myself, “When I get home I’m going to do some research into church names and see how many I can find.” I haven’t done it yet.

There was one very important word I didn’t see in any church name and wondered; and couldn’t remember seeing it in a church name ever  in my life. The word, obviously missing, have you thought of it? Love.

I don’t believe I have ever seen a “Love Church”. I wondered why. Then I thought of my first thought a couple sentences back. I suppose the pressure would be too great.

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