Years Ago This Was The Future

DSN9118-2-MWe are an instant society. We want everything as soon as possible, if not sooner. Even though it is killing us slowly, we want to be able to go through the drive through to get our fast food faster. I know I have sometimes grown impatient with the microwave for taking so long. We all have our own illustrations.

But what about something that takes a while to develop; to be able to see the results?

Today is Shirley’s birthday. We’ll celebrate with the family this evening. Who would have known when she was born the changes that she would make in the world.

When Shirley was born no one knew what the future would hold for her. Anyone who knows me knows I am better off and just plain better because she came into the world. Because she changed me she changed my world, my perspective of it; and thereby everyone around it.

Everyone who knows her is better off by her acquaintance. And the world around us changes; it is better. John Donne said correctly, “No man is an island…” We are all part of the whole, we’re connected and people like Shirley makes connections worthwhile.

I love Shirley. When I celebrate her birthday I am celebrating one of the greatest days of my life.
One day can change the future, in the future, it just takes time.

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  1. reiacruz

    Happy Birthday to Shirley. By your testimony, the world is much better with her in it! We are all connected. The more people recognize this, the more will come to a sense of connection and peace. Feel free to stop by Reia’s World at Love to have you and Shirley (if possible).


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