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DSN9118-2-MGetting ready to take a shower I pulled underwear out of my drawer. I looked at it briefly (no pun intended) and across the waistband it said, “Hanesnes.” I did a double-take, looking more closely to see what I saw. Around the band the word “Hanes” was printed. But in the back, where the seams came together, the overlap of the material read, “Hanesnes.”

Having had nothing on my mind, I started thinking and filling in the blankness.

I wondered if a Hanes quality control person would recognize ‘hanesness’? Could a person really familiar with Hanes underwear look at a pair and say, “Yes, these are Hanes underwear. I can tell by the fabric, the stitching, the seams, the construction, and the craftsmanship. Everything about this underwear says Hanesness.”

Leaders are unique. Leadership is unique. Every individual brings their own arsenal of experience, education and character to their leadership position. Leaders are effective because they are transparent, true to themselves, model the character they expect, and have their own message.

A leader’s influence is effected negatively when we try to copy someone else, or repeat another’s voice. Leadership traits and qualities may be held in common, but the leadership itself is unique because the individual is unique.

An important quality of leadership is knowing yourself and being the person only you can be. We shouldn’t try imitate another leader, but rather become the leader only we can become. I hope when other see the effects of my leadership, someone will respond, “Yes, this has Craigness all over it.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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